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Clair H. Jantzen, MA, RPC, MPCC

Counselor, Therapist, Educator, Author


The resources provided by Clair Jantzen have been evolving over the past thirty-plus years as a message of life and hope has been built into him, both by the circumstances of his life and by his intentional responses to those circumstances.  We seldom learn anything when life is working; it is in the hard places that the opportunity for maturity presents itself.  A sage once said, "The wise man spends his time with those who mourn; a fool thinks only of having a good time."  Clair loves to spend time with those who are hurting and aware that their resources are limited.  There is great joy in leading the way through the hard places.


              If you never want to grieve,

              don't give your heart away!

  Grievers aren't broken; they don't need to be fixed!

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