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Clair H. Jantzen, MA, RPC, MPCC

Counselor, Therapist, Educator, Author


Tears in a Bottle

Excerpts from the book:





2          SALLY

They wonder why I'm not “over it” yet.  What in the world do they mean?  Do they mean, am I back to normal?  Not crying my eyes out, wanting to die?  No longer feeling pain?  Not talking endlessly about my husband?  I'll never get over this.  If by getting over it they mean forgetting him, never tearing up at the mention of his name, or falling strangely quiet in a room full of chatting friends, no, I don't think so.  No, normal for me would mean getting him back; that will not happen here on earth.  So, no, I don't think I'll be getting over it.


4                                                      YVONNE

How are you doing?  Keeping busy, I said.  It's true, there's so much to do to tie things up.  Tie things up.  Close the book.  Complete the chapter.  Finish it off.  Clean it up.  No matter how you put it, it sounds so final.  It is final.  But why does it sound so awful?  Because I didn't want it to be final.  Oh, I knew the end would come, just didn't think I'd be the one to see it.  Didn't want to be the first to go either, but here I am, finishing things up:  bank accounts, clothes closets, land titles office, insurance, driver's license, and on and on.  How am I doing?  I'm busy, shutting it down, wrapping it up, and tying up loose ends.


24                                       THE KIDS

Scotty was just two months old when he died of SIDS, Valerie, only 35, of cancer, leaving a husband and 2 kids.  Jordan fell from the bridge on July the 4th.  He was 16 and he never did see the fireworks.  Chrissy was just 13, severely handicapped, when she got stuck in her hospital bed and choked before morning came.  It's not supposed to be this way.  Children aren't supposed to die.  You shouldn't have to bury your children.  Death should have wrinkles.


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  Grievers aren't broken; they don't need to be fixed!

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